Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stakeholders for Financial Aid Appointment Scheduler

Based on my idea of the Financial Aid Office's need for an Appointment Scheduler, here is a list of possible stakeholders:

Financial Aid Counselors (Executive): 
  • The counselors are the ones who we are trying to aid in their efforts to provide service and satisfaction to their customers, a.k.a, the students. Though this is mainly for the administrative side of HPU, this greatly benefits both the students and the office.
New and Current Students (Operational):
  • The students and/or their parents are our target group for this project and we want to try to make it a smooth and easy process for them when planning on setting up counseling appointments with the Financial Aid Office. Basically, they are our customers. 
Technical and Support Representatives (Executive/External Operations): 
  • When the system is implemented, technical and support is a must. Technical staff helps to establish and maintain the scheduling system, while the Support staff helps provide user training and troubleshooting. 

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