Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stakeholders for Financial Aid Status Updates

Based on my idea of the Financial Aid Office's need for Financial Aid Status Updates, here is a list of possible stakeholders:

New and Incoming Students (Operational):
  • With this system in place, new and incoming students will have a better understanding in regards to what is needed for documentation. The system, based on information gathered by the user, will list out requirements for them in order to properly process their financial aid package.
Financial Aid Customer Representatives (Executive):
  • Though the system is intended to cater towards the students, the customer representatives benefit a lot more through the system even though they do not technically have direct relations with it. The customer representatives are the ones that collect these documents from the users for processing, so the system saves them and the users time and increases work efficiency.
Technical and Support Staff(Executive/External Operations):
  •  When the system is implemented, technical and support is a must. Technical staff helps to establish and maintain the status update system, while the Support staff helps provide user training and troubleshooting.

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